We successfully migrated an Electrical Wholesale Group from a Legacy Accounting System to Acumatica, following a one-year proof of concept (POC) that began during 2018 at their George warehouse, and subsequently integrated their diverse operations and branch environment into a single view. After successfully delivering the POC, we rolled out the solution to the remaining 7 group companies. Within a year, the deployment was completed. Their integrated Acumatica, and eCommerce trading platform, supports additional growth by deploying it using an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). It gives them the flexibility to adapt their business as they choose and integrate their IT systems at will. Centralised stockholding, operational and financial insights across multiple locations, automated and integrated sales, eCommerce, and hybrid working from anywhere enabled the business to be perfectly positioned for increased demand for renewable energy products. The key to these successes is that Acumatica is flexible in accommodating a rapidly expanding business and all the business process changes that come with that. For example, seven different legal entities were consolidated into one company with five branches and three divisions and three more branches were subsequently added to the setup. This adaptability relies on solid technology with skilled and experienced people to deploy. The next step in this phased rollout will be adding the Acumatica CRM and Marketing module during the second half of 2022.