Proof of Delivery (POD)

Make sure your customers get the product you send them and that the condition of the package meets their expectations.


  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork: Delivery errors that are documented on paper not only frustrate the recipient, but also the driver, and the carrier, as well, and can rapidly mean lost revenue. A signature can stain; a hard copy receipt may be lost or damaged. All of this is altered by an electronic signature.
  • Support information visibility: Electronic Proof of Delivery not only makes it easier to keep internal tasks moving, but they also organize all delivery details in a single system.
    Additionally, drivers have access to the complete and up-to-date information they require to complete a delivery. This helps make sure that every order, including any recent changes or special delivery instructions, is done right.
  • Prevents Customer-Related Delivery Disputes: Customers and businesses avoid friction and potential disagreements by providing proof of delivery. Vendors can be shielded from disputes with the help of proof of delivery. They are able to clearly demonstrate that the item actually reached the buyer’s address.
    By providing proof of delivery, you protect your delivery staff from false accusations and customer criticism.
  • Enhances Traceability: Your logistics operations will be more transparent thanks to the electronic proof of delivery system. It enables tracking of the delivery’s progress and improves the traceability of shipments throughout your supply chain. Companies can spot potential delivery issues before they become major liabilities with improved traceability.
  • Helps Monitor Delivery Execution: Electronic proof of delivery simplifies and streamlines delivery procedures and enables you to monitor your staff’s delivery execution. You must have clear evidence that your drivers stopped to make the delivery when they are out in the field.

Therefore, proof of delivery enhances overall on- and off-field operations.

Acknowledge that an order successfully arrived at its destination with the following features:

The GI list of all the Proof of Deliveries

Broad view of all the deliveries which can also be filtered and/or customized to meet your criteria.

Delivery Information

Capture all the information needed for a Proof of Delivery.

Mobile App

The Acumatica Web POD is translated into the Acumatica mobile app to enable different types of users to access the POD and use anywhere, anytime throughout the deliver process. The mobile POD provides delivery confirmation such as capturing of signatures, pictures, and delivery information.

Collection Options

Collection Options can be customized to your company’s needs, by selecting requirements for deliveries which needs to be fulfilled for the delivery to be completed. I.e., If your collection option requires a signature, it can be added through the Acumatica mobile app to then be displayed on the receipts or report. The following signature can be added:

  • Client
  • Driver
  • Manager
  • Picker
  • Staff member

If the collection option requires delivery picture, you can upload a picture of the item that was delivered to the recipient’s address with the Proof of Delivery, providing the sender with an additional layer of protection. The picture also shows that the package was handed over to the recipient in good condition.

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