When the legacy ERP solution, running at a monthly cost of R300 000.00+ per month, failed to provide sufficient and cost-effective integrations with multiple 3rd party solutions, management started looking for a modern cloud ERP solution.
Acumatica allowed us to integrate their back-office accounting requirements with separate billing and fleet management systems via a bi-directional data layer.
Cost per kilometre reporting is achieved through a dynamic integration data connection between Acumatica and Velixo, a robust and powerful reporting engine. That helps the business define a critical insight that underpins a core value proposition. The Company focus on general freight, niche fuel and bulk liquids, gases, chemicals, and explosives. They operate across SADEC countries and Acumatica was a critical enabler in the process so they could transform their operations and optimise their competitiveness through digital enablement. This improved the efficiency of their operations and streamlined their customer experiences, which has kept them relevant and profitable in a relentlessly dynamic industry.